Ron Kingston – Australian blue eyed soul singer

Ron Kingston (born and raised in Melbourne, Australia) is a soul/R&B singer songwriter producer and artist. Ron Kingston’s apparent passion for music was noticed during his high school years. With scraps of paper and a dusty old tape deck he wrote and recorded original songs that would lead him to an intriguing melancholy debut album titled ‘Illustrated’ not too long after he graduated. His formidable years kept him busy in and out of bands with an eye and target set firmly on the international arena. With a burning desire to make great albums and trot the globe Kingston moved to New York and played with some bands at some of Manhattan’s finest venues.

After several years of truly finding and his own unique voice and style and personal dismay at the limited music industry opportunities in Australia he got his big break performing in over 15 countries including Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong which led him to produce a second album with a more urban soulful feel. Kingston continues to write and perform at festivals, resorts & hotels in some amazing countries around the world.

In 2008 Ron performed in Bahrain (Gulf country) for US, British and Australian soldiers serving in neighbouring Iraq and Kuwait. Ron Kingston was the only Australian performer in Bahrain during that summer period.

Ron Kingston’s live album entitled “Unplugged in Hong Kong” is available exclusively through Amazon and Itunes. In July 2011 his 5 track EP called “All You Need To Know” was also released on Itunes.

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